Working hard on the COTM

2013-11-08 09:06:13 by ShiroiAkuma

Also I have recorded the whole process and will upload it to my YouTube when it's done. Still 20 days left to push myself to new limits. I won't post any kind of preview, it should be a surprise. ;) Already worked over 6 hours on it, and more will follow. I think after the results I will also make a futa version, didn't draw them for a while, and the artists on Pixiv going crazy, they draw so many of them and each of them has a larger one than the other. But I'm practicing secretly and then I will draw also sexy ones. :D

Back to Cotm3: There are already awesome entries. So I need a lot of luck and talent so that mine will be picked, too. I see every piece from other artists as a challenge to get better. Anyways try to improve my skin shading. That skull was really a challenge, because it's from a rather uncommon angle. But the greatest challenge will be the background I think.

I would be glad to see the work from everyone, too in the COTM3.
Have a nice day. And as always excuse my poor English.


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