[Adult] Weird acting people on Newgrounds and explaining Futanari

2013-12-11 19:56:44 by ShiroiAkuma

It was rather funny as I read a comment today from insanesavage3456 on one of my pictures.

So generally here are my thoughts and I want to hear your, too.

It seems that he didn't know the difference between Futanari and trans-women, if I look at his reviews he seems to search for girls with dicks just to write some useless, abusive comments. 

So here I explain the advantages of futanari. Also I want to clear some misconceptions.


Futanari/ふたなり (Futanari just exists in this form only exist in art or cartoon)

Today Futanari in Manga/Anime/Eroge/Art is specifically used for females with male organs they got since their birth (real hermaphrodite) or in most cases get them through transformation due to special circumstances.

You can speak of female hermaphroditism. 

Also Futanari is normally an extension to lesbian genre to allow and represent sexual intercourse between females, without using males. Which is great for artists, that can't draw or won't draw males or girls that enjoy some kind of Yuri. But hetero males and even females can still empathise themselves much better in the (normally girl on girl) situation because the futanari girl has also a fully functional male organs instead of a strap-on-dildo. Of course they are also futa x male art like there is also interspecies with human. But first it was used for female x futanari. And because of this it is less "gay" if not even lesbian to watch futa x female than male x female.

There are different types of Futanari:

With and without testicles. Generally you are speaking of half or full package Futanari. 

With a fully functional male penis, a huge penis like clitoris or tentacle/s through parasite.

So generally Futanari is an etablished genre in manga and anime for females with male genitalia.

Mostly Futanari are today confused with western shemales. (I can totally agree that)

Male hermaphroditism similiar to the female hermaphroditism in Futanari is called [ やおい穴/yaoi ana] Male with a "hole" that can act like a vagina and also pregnancy is possible.

Insider joke: Also since Hideyoshi is the 3rd gender, Futa must be the 4th gender.

Shemale/シーメール fromerly Trans-Woman:

Shemale is a vulgar term for trans-woman (male to female). They used plastic surgery and hormones to get a female apperance. Futa is completley different.


dickgirl (the opinions here differ),

is a girl that used plastic surgery to just get a male penis without giving up her female apperance. But she give up her vagina to do this.  But she doesn't have a fully functional penis.

Some people say that this is the english term for Futanari.

The opposite is boypussy a man with vagina but without any kind of plastic surgery.

Genderbend/Genderswap: (Also like Futanari some kind of fantasy, at least it's impossible in reality like Futanari)

There are different kind of Genderswaps:

Male gets through magic or medicine or by swaping the body with a female to a real girl.

Or a female that become a real men.

Also some can switch their gender as they want. But it's depends on the person if she/he is still hetero, even if she/he used her other gender.


Males that looks like females without any kind of surgery or else, sometimes they can wear girl clothes also, but they don't look like a transvestite. That's why they are called traps. Like Hideyoshi or Mariya Shidou.

Opposite is also possible. So females that acts and looks like a male.

What do you think about it?

Excuse my poor English.


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2013-12-11 23:49:30

dayum mane...
sorry mayne, I respect your opinion but my explanation on this internet porn phenomenon is "penis is gay no matter what"
your arts r pretty noice but too much cock fetish, dont hate me this just my honest opinion mane
also, the correct term would be boypussy but whatever dud...

ShiroiAkuma responds:

Okay I respect your opinion. I don't hate you because of this. Thanks for the correct term.


2013-12-12 15:48:20

Hello there, Shiroi.

Firstly, I'd pay no mind to dead-end reviewers like Insane Savage. If his best response is calling your work an 'abomination' in three offensive words (which I don't want to repeat), then his reviews are helping neither him nor yourself. The only difference is that you are a talented artist who has a quality which is seldom seen and greatly appreciated: helpful, detailed advice to help other artists, and a superb attitude towards art in general.

I myself got into a little tangle with a user named 'MrWife', who decided to lash out at me and my drawing after I criticised one of her pieces (which, coincidentally, was actually a futanari piece that was rated 'Mature' instead of 'Adult', and I reviewed her art in a civilised way and suggested some possible improvements, whilst also advising that she change the rating. She ended up deleting it in anger and arguing with me instead.)

Secondly, I personally am not into futanari and art of this nature, but this was an extensive post and quite an interesting read. It certainly seems as if it clarifies a lot on the subject of futanari and otherwise. So I don't have much thoughts on this matter, but I am not insulted or repulsed by anyone who does enjoy this kind of thing: different people like different things, it is a thing to be accepted rather than discouraged.

I am learning Japanese, and I found it pretty cool that I could read the hiragana for 'Futanari'. However, hiragana is all I know at the moment: katakana and kanji are out of bounds for me. :P

I do have one comment, on the section where you mention 'traps', to be precise. The term for females that act like boys and follow a boyish appearance is (as I've heard it here in the UK, anyway) a 'Tomboy'. Please correct me if there is another term for them, though.

I must tell you this a second time: your English is not poor, my friend. Your descriptions and sentence structure is very good and well thought out. You sound like an intelligent fellow.

Thank you for this insightful post, keep up your artistic works, and take care of yourself. :)

ShiroiAkuma responds:

Thank you very much for your thorough thoughtful response. If an artist doesn't accept constructive criticism he would improve slowly or else not. Critique is an important part of an artist and as long as the criticism is somehow constructive it will definitely help the artist.

Great that you can read the Hiragana. Japanese is an interesting language I think. But also very difficult to learn in the beginning. But I'm not Japanese and my Japanese is as poor as my English.

I think Tomboy is a more precise term for female that acts and look like a boy. So I think the term Trap is the preamble of Tomboy or Sissy.

Also I just like Futanari in art (comics/cartoons/games). In reality I just like lesbians and I even don't like hetero or gay couples, correct I don't even like hetero couples. But I accept them anyway, also I accept almost all kinds of art and styles. It's difficult to explain. It's some weird kind of asexuality to be honest.

But I like to read that you also make suggestions for improvement, I currently did an illustration to certain point and now I ask other people and artists for critique before I will finish it. So I will send you link per PM so you can write your thoughts too. I already critism myself so it has a lot of notes. But maybe you have some good suggestions too.