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The Red Apple The Red Apple

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sieht sehr gut aus! Nur wirkt ihre Haut ein wenig wie Porzellan, durch die sehr klaren Highlights. Die sich nahezu auf jeder Wölbung abbilden. Ihre Oberschenkel sind etwas kurz, würdest du die jetzt verlängern, müsstest du auch ihre Unterbeine verlängern, denn Oberschenkel zu Knie Unterseite ist Equivalent wie Knie Unterseite zu Fußknöchel. Ihr Füße... Ihr rechter sieht ganz ordentlich aus, auch wenn er aus einer niedrigen Perspektive aufgenommen worden zu sein scheint. Ihr linker könnte etwas Feintuning vertragen. Also beide Füße scheinen aus einer anderen Perspektive als der Rest des Körpers gezeichnet worden zu sein, so scheinen die Schulter aus der leichten Vogelperspektive gezeichnet zu sein, ihre Hüfte aus einer leichten Froschperspektive, obwohl man die backen nicht so sehen würde, da ihre hüfte nach hinten gestreckt ist, zu dem noch nach links, während ihre Füße komplett in einer Froschperspektive gezeichnet sind (Als hätte die Kamera auf dem Boden gestanden.

Dafür hast du den Ribcage (Brustkorb) sehr gut getroffen, die Pose wirkt auch sehr dynamisch ,außerdem auch weiblich, da sie nach innen gerichtet ist (Beine). Also weiter so! Ist wirklich schon sehr gut!

Wegen dem Apfel muss ich an Eva denken? Ist das von jener Mythologie inspiriert worden. Ist der Apfel in diesem Fall, die Frucht der Erkennnis, oder die der Verführung?

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TrueThunderCraft responds:

ohhh jaa... ich glaub ich sehs jetz das die perspektive ein wenig verzerrt ist :'D
ähh nee ich meine das ist absicht... da ist irgendwo ein schwarzes loch was durch die enorme gravitationskraft den Raum ein wenig verzerrt... also alles normal ;'D

und danke wieder einmal für die super kritik! :)

und neee... ich wollte nur die natur zum vorschein bringen und habe eine farbspanne von rot zu grün verwendet damit es eine farbharmonie gibt :)
und bei rot und grün dachte ich an einen apfel.. weil äpfel sind auch lecker... und jetz hab ich hunger auf nen apfel >~< (und "bad apple" ist auch cool ^-^)

also nicht so viel hintergrundgedanke :D
aaaber das muss ja nicht jeder wissen... dann kann sich jeder seine eigene interpretation schmieden ;D

Morphobia Morphobia

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow! She has many sexy feet! Great illustration. Interesting concept.

Splash Woman 2 Splash Woman 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well done. I would work well as a underwater race in Starbound. The colors working well together. Her bright skin emphasizes her femininity. You did a good job with cell shading the character, I also noticed the rim light. Which other would call reflected light, I guess. Proportions are very good also.

Music Music

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It looks very good, but her left foot looks like it was flatten. The lower lines (her soles) need to curve downwards a bit, because the horizon line is at breasts level, I think. But you are already on a very good level.

TrueThunderCraft responds:

thanks! :)
I am not too happy with the left foot too.. because of it's flatness ^^
Well I could improve on drawing clothes and especially shoes... ( there are not that much clothes in this picture too ^^ )
and thnx alot for the scout :3

Another Hot Girl Posing Nude Another Hot Girl Posing Nude

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Do you use a tablet?

There are some issues with the anatomy as you mentioned.
But with some time you will definitely develop the needed abilities.

My tips look also for anatomy studies from other artists (often they provide useful tips) and look for real pictures also. Look at DeviantArt and search for anatomy studies, pose studies, also you find a lot of helpful photographs. Also I see some lack of fundamentals. But it's still really good. Try to find a similar picture and compare what you did wrong, then memorize and make it better next time.

D-Rock responds:

Yes, I use a Bamboo. Although, first I draw on paper, then scan it and finally take it into Flash to finalize.

I haven't really touched gesture drawing yet, for I still have trouble with drawing the mannequin. I find that drawing rib cages and hips are especially challenging because I can't seem to line things up right or figure out the exact shape of the v's.

I'll keep studying. I think I've learned too much about drawing to call it quits and say I'm no good.

Stimulation Protocol Stimulation Protocol

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It looks nice, line art is well done, clean shaded, but a shemale can't be a futa. Futanari is a Hermaphrodite, it means female with male genitalia. A shemale is a male that looks like a girl through surgery or hormones. So don't mix these genres up.

Also InsaneSavage3456 is looking for futanari or dickgirl pictures just to write Absuvie or useless comments under them, so don't take him seriously.

Sunset Glow Sunset Glow

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Don't be so hard to yourself, it's fantastic work. The eyes are really good and in a continuous style so I think your approach was semi realistic style. Also the I really like her beauty spot on her cheek. Her smile is soft and nice. So don't worry. It's definitely very good work!

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Vency Vency

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The line art is very clean also you colored it so that you can barely notice it on some parts. And I think there are many parts that were made without any kind of line art. I would guess the head body ratio is about 1:7. Her wings are painted in a very effective way. I really like the details at the elbows. I guess she is a Queen Harpy because of her crown. Her antennas on her crown remind me some Pectinate Antennae.

Her bottomless shoes and toeless Thigh-Highs with suspenders show her connection to nature. I interpret her sharp nails that she is something like a predator too. Very good. Also her Pauldrons have typical features from the nature. A really brilliant idea butterflies uses these kind of eyes, so that predators think they being stared at by a larger animal. So her have two functions light protection because of the material and some kind of illusion for enemy's.

Her wings seem to be from white dove, if I'm right. I really like the picture, I see that there a lot of effort especially with all the details of the nature.

The background is done really nicely. A very good example of lost and found and not being clean cut all the way around. :D I really like the rays and the pollution that is flying around.

Also really nice clothing colors. While yellow and blue are almost complementary and yellow and purple directly complementary, they still fit together in this illustration. Because of the saturation and value, I think.

They're a just few slight spots, where I miss some detail or additional shading. But this is just my own taste and I want to stay objective and not subjective.

Subjective I really like her ears. I really like sharps ears from elves etc.

Objectively speaking I think they don't match to her mood. I see it like this: The ears point too much upwards, this shows me that she is under much tense or she suddenly listens attentively. They were more relaxed side down, if she is not under much tension, I think. Or I'm being smug about something. For example Nekomimi/Elves/Fairies can also support their emotions through different gestures, something like that I mean. But maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree so it won't influence my rating.

Really good work.

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Jettyjetjet responds:

wow such a thorough thought out response, i am immensely grateful. You've moved me to post up the short story that inspired this character. Although i didn't post much info about her story, other then "harpy" in the tag, you deducted VERY WELL. I'm impressed with your understanding of all the elements from color theory to story telling. I like your thoughts on the ears, will consider using that next time i do a piece on her.

All That Remains All That Remains

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excuse my poor English.
All my ratings belongs to this!
I was like amazing \(°o° ); as I saw it in the showcase.
Damn hope it will get featured in COTM3 anyways. It totally deserves it in my eyes. Great painting and also very detailed. The bones and the skull is well done, very nice talent for the light and shadows.
Keep it up.

RimKeLLo responds:

Thank you.
It's really nice when someone appreciates your work )
But because this is "old" picture it it will not entering in COTM3. So for that competition, i'll draw a new one.

Ryuko Matoi Ryuko Matoi

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excuse my poor English.

The line art is very clean. You also hit the mark. She really looks like Ryuuko Matoi from Kill la Kill in your own beautiful style. Her feet are shaped well just the ankle bones looks rather big, I think. Also great job with lighting, you really pushed out the 3-Dimensionalty of the forms, I just miss some collar clothing shadow. Also the shading of her rib cage in the upper left look a bit strange.

I don't know if this page will be again for a comic on your Homepage, but I miss some highlights on her skin. But she looks really cute. Very nice work with the expressions. Nice detail with her nail colors also. I really like the attention that you put on her hips. I like how you pushed and stylized the forms, they look really sexy and are exaggerated in a very (thinking about other term for nice...) brilliant way.

The picture (Ryuuko?) Ryuko-vs-Satsuki on your homepage is really impressive. Very dynamic pose also nice feel of movement. Amazing shading.

Ryuko-vs-Satsuki 2 looks great either. Just a few parts look a bit off, but impressive work also.
It's easy to get jealous of your skills.

All in all very great job. Keep it up.

Ps: I noticed the nice skulls on the side. You could tag them with COTM3 and also enter Jazzas challenge of the month, because they are really good they also deserve to get featured in my eyes.

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