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How To Draw Manga Books - not: How to draw some books!

2014-02-02 12:40:02 by ShiroiAkuma

A collection (where to find or what name to look for) for book lovers. I have some of them and I already bookmarked some of them for purchase. I really love drawing/art books, so you might also have some nice suggestions for me that I can add to this list. Also I made this for people who are asking me for a special book. Will be updated unregulary.

I translated the titles as good as I could. Excuse my bad English.

Last update 02.02.2014

Multi-Language available:

Manga characters in dynamic poses:



English: Not listed. Prognosis: Hardly probable

Instead use Japanese Version:


Manga characters in their enviroment:



English: ? Prognosis: Hardly probable


How to Draw Hands & Feet:



English: Not listed.

Possible alternate:


How to Draw Manga, Sketching Manga Style Vol. 1:


Japanese Version:

English Version: (English version is overpriced look for cheaper version)

German Version:

How to Draw Manga, Sketching Manga Style Vol. 2:


Japanese Version:

English Version: (English version is overpriced look for cheaper version)

German Version:

How to Draw Manga, Sketching Manga Style Vol. 3:


Japanese Version:

English Version: (English version is overpriced look for cheaper version)

German Version:

How to Draw Manga, Sketching Manga Style Vol. 4:


Japanese Version:

English Version: (English version is overpriced look for cheaper version)

German Version:

How to Draw Manga, Sketching Manga Style Vol. 5:


Japanese Version:

English Version: (English version is overpriced look for cheaper version)

German Version:

How to Draw Manga, Sketching Manga Style Vol. 6: Sketching Three-Dimensional Characters:


Japanese Version:

English Version: English version was canceled. English not available.

German Version:

How to Draw Manga, Sketching Manga Style Vol. 7: Expressive Sketching

--------Much better than you would think, I would recommend beginners to start with this book.


Japanese Version: 

English Version: English version was canceled. English not available.

German Version:

How to Draw Manga: The Fundamentals of Manga Draftmanship:


Japanese Version:

English Version: Not listed. Prognosis: Hardly probable.

German Version:

How to Draw Manga: Maids & Miko:

Very good for clothing folds


Japanese Version:

English Version:

German Version: Just English Version available:

Excellent Manga Sketching Techniques Vol.1 Pretty Girl:

English Versions are rare!




(English look inside on:

German: Not available. Search for English Version.

100 Masters of Bishojo Painting:




German: Not listed. Use english version instead:  


Just in Japanese available:



Excellent Manga Sketching Techniques: Head & Body of a lovely girl:



Excellent Manga Sketching Techniques: School Life Manga:



450-Ready to use poses:



How to create a character and draw it in different poses:



Female Moe Characters And Couples:



Excellent Manga Sketching Techniques: Sexy Characters:





2014-01-07 08:56:37 by ShiroiAkuma

Internet down since 3 weeks now. Still very slow radio connection


At least I was able to play Dragons Dogma through. Now I try to manage to play Dark Arisen. I have the idea to draw my character. But later, actually I have not the motvation to draw.


My internet is down

2013-12-30 10:53:30 by ShiroiAkuma

My Internet is down since 2 weeks now and a few will follow. Actually very instable connection via UMTS/HSDPA. So I can't reply to anything, took hours to load one single page. Until then.

I see a lot faces in the same direction they are looking to right [Fun fact in my most of my sketches they are look to the left]. Need to take more aware that, in my next Illustrations. It should not get routine. Funny thing I'm more comfy when they look to the left side of a picture, but I practice other direction, so it get routine. But just in my finished illustrations. Still have many unfinished or unpolished illustrations. 

Did you notice the same on your gallery, or on someone else?

Or do you never get aware of that?

[Adult] Weird acting people on Newgrounds and explaining Futanari

2013-12-11 19:56:44 by ShiroiAkuma

It was rather funny as I read a comment today from insanesavage3456 on one of my pictures.

So generally here are my thoughts and I want to hear your, too.

It seems that he didn't know the difference between Futanari and trans-women, if I look at his reviews he seems to search for girls with dicks just to write some useless, abusive comments. 

So here I explain the advantages of futanari. Also I want to clear some misconceptions.


Futanari/ふたなり (Futanari just exists in this form only exist in art or cartoon)

Today Futanari in Manga/Anime/Eroge/Art is specifically used for females with male organs they got since their birth (real hermaphrodite) or in most cases get them through transformation due to special circumstances.

You can speak of female hermaphroditism. 

Also Futanari is normally an extension to lesbian genre to allow and represent sexual intercourse between females, without using males. Which is great for artists, that can't draw or won't draw males or girls that enjoy some kind of Yuri. But hetero males and even females can still empathise themselves much better in the (normally girl on girl) situation because the futanari girl has also a fully functional male organs instead of a strap-on-dildo. Of course they are also futa x male art like there is also interspecies with human. But first it was used for female x futanari. And because of this it is less "gay" if not even lesbian to watch futa x female than male x female.

There are different types of Futanari:

With and without testicles. Generally you are speaking of half or full package Futanari. 

With a fully functional male penis, a huge penis like clitoris or tentacle/s through parasite.

So generally Futanari is an etablished genre in manga and anime for females with male genitalia.

Mostly Futanari are today confused with western shemales. (I can totally agree that)

Male hermaphroditism similiar to the female hermaphroditism in Futanari is called [ やおい穴/yaoi ana] Male with a "hole" that can act like a vagina and also pregnancy is possible.

Insider joke: Also since Hideyoshi is the 3rd gender, Futa must be the 4th gender.

Shemale/シーメール fromerly Trans-Woman:

Shemale is a vulgar term for trans-woman (male to female). They used plastic surgery and hormones to get a female apperance. Futa is completley different.


dickgirl (the opinions here differ),

is a girl that used plastic surgery to just get a male penis without giving up her female apperance. But she give up her vagina to do this.  But she doesn't have a fully functional penis.

Some people say that this is the english term for Futanari.

The opposite is boypussy a man with vagina but without any kind of plastic surgery.

Genderbend/Genderswap: (Also like Futanari some kind of fantasy, at least it's impossible in reality like Futanari)

There are different kind of Genderswaps:

Male gets through magic or medicine or by swaping the body with a female to a real girl.

Or a female that become a real men.

Also some can switch their gender as they want. But it's depends on the person if she/he is still hetero, even if she/he used her other gender.


Males that looks like females without any kind of surgery or else, sometimes they can wear girl clothes also, but they don't look like a transvestite. That's why they are called traps. Like Hideyoshi or Mariya Shidou.

Opposite is also possible. So females that acts and looks like a male.

What do you think about it?

Excuse my poor English.

Sexy feet!? Reference sheet...

2013-12-03 19:50:43 by ShiroiAkuma

Next storm is coming it should be more dangerous than the last one...

Currently I'm studying feet and make a big tutorial and reference sheet for everyone of it, because I struggle a lot with them. With a lot of guest stars from different shows and eroges. So it's about anatomy/poses/turnarounds etc.

You can still suggest characters you want to see if you want too.

It could be also your own OCs or from you favorite show. When tutorial is finished I will provide credits to the original creators of course.

Also I looked for the difference between female and male feet and try to present it in funny ways.

Also I will show how much the differences between the shoes (proportionally) between both genders.

Guest stars on this preview: Madame V.D. from Syukusho Gakuen "Formerly known as Shrink School/Shrink High or official as Reduction School" it's a free game: there is also translation of this game out there somewhere and Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

Also this was Blog test. Wo was the guy with the idea to make the color of the selection also black?



It's done.....

2013-11-10 21:40:22 by ShiroiAkuma

..... I'm done.

Challenged myself and tried to reach new limits.

Working hard on the COTM

2013-11-08 09:06:13 by ShiroiAkuma

Also I have recorded the whole process and will upload it to my YouTube when it's done. Still 20 days left to push myself to new limits. I won't post any kind of preview, it should be a surprise. ;) Already worked over 6 hours on it, and more will follow. I think after the results I will also make a futa version, didn't draw them for a while, and the artists on Pixiv going crazy, they draw so many of them and each of them has a larger one than the other. But I'm practicing secretly and then I will draw also sexy ones. :D

Back to Cotm3: There are already awesome entries. So I need a lot of luck and talent so that mine will be picked, too. I see every piece from other artists as a challenge to get better. Anyways try to improve my skin shading. That skull was really a challenge, because it's from a rather uncommon angle. But the greatest challenge will be the background I think.

I would be glad to see the work from everyone, too in the COTM3.
Have a nice day. And as always excuse my poor English.

There it is....

2013-11-03 13:39:48 by ShiroiAkuma

Have fun.........also find the secret word (It's not that secret. Character of my actual favorite anime show) to get a free request. Just send a PM with the word as the subject.

Extreme storm

2013-10-28 12:54:31 by ShiroiAkuma

Hundreds of trees fell over. Also is a tree toppled onto a car that stood in a traffic jam right in front of me, was difficult to carry the tree down from the car, my poor back glads other people helped us. Our house is still in danger. The garage is completely destroyed. Something like this never happened in our country/region. If you hear nothing more from me the tree could have perhaps destroyed my sleeping room with me inside. Storm hopefully gets weaker at night.